Lovecraft Country Episode 10 Review: “Full Circle”

Lovecraft Country Episode 10 Review: “Full Circle”

True to its title, the “Lovecraft Country” season finale tied up several huge storylines explored during its 10-episode run. Listeners asked what we thought of those storylines, and we’re here to tell you.

Our “Full Circle” Deep Dive also examines the sometimes-confounding magic and rituals of Episode 10, plus some of the music we heard this week.

Listener voicemail and email highlights why Christina had to die, sloppy storytelling, and what we learned from a season of groundbreaking TV on HBO.

Lovecraft Country Episode 10 Summary:
With the Book of Names in their possession, Atticus, Leti, Montrose and Hippolyta try to lift the curse on Diana. Before turning their attention to Christina’s spell and whether there’s a way turn the tables on her.

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