Lovecraft Country – Episode 3

Lovecraft Country

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Hi Guys,Great job on breaking down episode 3. On first watch, I didn’t enjoy as much as you guys did and that is definitely because I keep comparing it to the book…I’m going to try and stop doing this. But you definitely highlighted to me a number of things that worked really well and as always broadened my understanding of what is going on. I 100% agree with Ash’s comments in the Deep Dive about Letitia’s character – for me she has been stealing the show since episode one. I do wonder whether the show runners decided to remove the overtly religious aspect of Letitia’s character (that is present in the book) as it takes away some agency of her being a strong, independent, ambitious black woman? Not an ‘Umm actually…’, but I did want to check one thing with you regarding the voice over. In doing a little research myself I stumbled across an additional dimension to the poem. You mentioned the voice-over featured in a Nike ‘Be True’ campaign advert, but didn’t go on to mention that the advert celebrated the trans artist Leiomy Maldonado and the art of voguing – a subculture of the trans community. The poem is praising Leiomy for paving paths for others to make it in a world where they are not accepted and paralleling this with what Letitia is doing. Pioneering into the white neighbourhood and providing good affordable housing for other members of her community. Maybe you knew this but it didn’t make the edit – I just thought it was interesting the show chose to touch upon trans issues however subtle it may be. Like Gene, these anachronistic voice-overs are proving to be my favourite part of each episode as each time they lead me down a little rabbit hole I get to learn something new. Love the show.Mike H (London, England).

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