Lovecraft Country Episode 8 Review: “Jig-a-Bobo”

Lovecraft Country Episode 8 Review: “Jig-a-Bobo”

Lovecraft Country aspired from day one to mix eldritch horror with the terrors of racism in America. And Episode 8 showed us exactly how powerful that combination could be.

The scares were scarier. The action was intense. And “Jig-a-Bobo” painfully examined the complex issues of intersectionality, performative death, isolation, and the status quo.

In this edition, Ash and Gene highlight the significance of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” the history behind topsy-turvy dolls, and the unforgivable details of Emmett Till’s death. The Shat Crew also touches briefly on the Chicago American Giants, March for Life, and a handful of listener emails.

And to the callers who left a voicemail this week: Your kindness made a difference in our lives, and we were honored to share your voices on the podcast.

Lovecraft Country Episode 8 Summary:
Atticus, Leti, Ruby, Montrose and Diana attend the memorial for Emmett Till (who was a friend of Diana’s). Dianna is stopped by Lancaster who demands she give him the orrery and when she refuses, he casts a spell that leads to two malevolent spirits, Topsey and Bobsey, to haunt her. Atticus gives Christina the key to the orrery/time machine in exchange for learning how to cast spells. Christina is planning to sacrifice Atticus at the fall equinox to be immortal. Ruby grows closer to Christina, but is hurt when she tells her that she does not care about Till’s lynching. Ji-Ah arrives in Chicago, causing Leti to become angry with Atticus. Montrose and Atticus reconcile. Atticus says he visited the future while at the Winthrop observatory and will have a son by Leti named George who will write the book Lovecraft Country. Leti trades the negatives of her photos in exchange for Christina casting a spell. Montrose and Atticus cast a spell to protect them, but nothing happens. Two men kill Christina in the same manner as Till and dump her corpse into Lake Michigan, but she revives. A suddenly more appreciative Ruby tells Leti of her relationship with William/Christina. Diana is attacked by Topsey and Bobsey and collapses. Lancaster attempts to enter Leti’s house to find the orrery, but when he cannot, he and his policemen shoot up the house. A policeman tries to shoot Atticus, but a shoggoth appears who kills the policemen and tears off Lancaster’s arm. Leti observes that Atticus’s spell worked after all.

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