Lovecraft Country Finale

Lovecraft Country

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Hello Ash and Gene,

Thank you for seeing this through to the finale.
At this point I have started and deleted several emails. Rather than trying to compose a ‘just right’ response, I ‘m going to toss out my thoughts and see what sticks. — Lovecraft Country accomplished some rather impressive world building in a comparatively short time. After the first couple episodes, I knew to be worried when the cops showed up. I knew the diner stop was a bad idea. I knew any helping hand had an ulterior motive. — Horror stories don’t get happy endings. They get survivors and sacrifice. And the sacrifice in Lovecraft Country had meaning. A way for Tic to finally protect his family from magic and Christina. — Did the show go too far when Diane strangled Christina? At first, I thought the shoggoth should have been the one to kill Christina. I realized that would have simply been death by proxy and still Diane’s decision. By killing Christina herself, Diane made it clear that she was capable of protecting herself. — And finally, should an old white woman express an opinion about this show? I think so. While I’m not who this was made for, as so many people are wont to say, it is a show that was set up to launch conversations and questions. I believe it succeeded. I believe it might open the door to more stories told by BIPOC authors. And maybe one day white viewers and readers won’t need to scour google to understand what the story is saying. That historical events won’t need to be explained or exclaimed over (as in the first time anyone ever heard of it).

My random thoughts. Thank you again for doing this show.

Stay safe.
Stay well.

State College

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