Lovecraft Ep 6 Deep Dive!! And Yall R Awesome, And Wonderful, And We Love U!!!

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Hey guys,As always great deep dive! I really enjoyed this ep. It my second favorite behind the haunted house ep. This episode had everything!! Love, hate, redemption, vulnerability, dark and light. Ji ah is my favorite character so far!!!I jus wanted 2 say that I think at the end of the ep, the shaaman wasn’t talking about Ji ah. I think that when Ji ah continued asking about Tic the shaaman spoke 2 her about him. I think its tic who hasn’t become one with the dark yet and will see many death, whether they b his own or the ppl around him. Also I agree whole heartedly with the voice mail yall played. I felt the same way after u read the email that wa referred. As blacks we do put a lot of pressure on our black content. And in this case I really think its unwarranted. Tamera we will likely not see again, and(sorry Ashley) yahima wasn’t brutalized bcuz she was a two spirit, but bcuz she was pivotal in a other way 2 the plot. If she had been killed solely 4 her two spiritedness then I’d agree with u ash but she wasn’t. And she still had 2 b two spirited bcuz I believe it speaks 2 the existence of queer ppl since the beginning of time. Keep up the good work!!KrispyfromPhilly

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