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Hey Guys,

I write too much. This show seems like classic literature more and more though, and it intrigues me no end.

Re: comments on Ake’s journey to cold storage
I don’t read too much into Ford’s omniscience, controlling Ake’s movements. Ake seems to have the clearest memory of his past of any of the main host chracters, and the memories are not disjointed as had been Delores’s and now Bernard’s memories.

I got the idea that Ake is and has been totally aware that changes in him were being made and what those changes were. He was saddened but not disturbed by these re-programmings, seeming to accept them with some stoicism. He also became aware that he might be able to change on his own. I think Ford’s main input was building curiosity into Ake. That curiosity, paired with thoughtfulness and maybe some actual luck rather than impulsiveness, has led him to his current state of consciousness. Truthfully though, I wonder less about him finding cold storage than I do about why the place was totally void of humans.

What made this episode so engaging and believable for me was Zahn McClarnon. His posture when crouched looking at Maeve’s daughter, his approach with hands out in reassurance in several scenes seemed so regal yet vulnerable. And how anyone’s eyes can be that expressive while the top half of his face is totally blackened? Just wow!

Last thought for now: in a recent podcast you guys talked about pairings of characters. And specifically, who does Delores pair with? Instead of pairings, I think of who or what do they love and to what are they devoted.
For Maeve, it’s motherly love for her daughter and sexual love for Hector. Both have her devotion as well.
For Delores, it was a daughter’s love for her father, though cynicism and realpolitik seems to be repressing that currently. Her devotion now is revenge, and some vague-to-us exit strategy.
Teddy? We’ll see, but Delores saw him as more of a ticket somewhere, though he probably really does love Delores (or did before she fucked with his head).
For Akane, it was love for Sakura. Perhaps, for both Akane and Musashi, it was also love of place/homeland. For them, love and devotion seem inseparable.
Of course, for Akecheta it is Kohana he loves. More recently his people and others who have suffered loss have captured his devotion.

To me, these are emotions being matured and evolving along with self-consciousness. The hosts have learned love, fear, anger, sadden, sympathize, empathize, and hope. And each if these play key roles in each host’s character development. It fascinates me to watch all these story threads unwind. I am bound to take Westworld on its face. I have been surprised by turns of events, but I have never felt tricked by them.

Thanks for reading, if you got through it. Keep on casting that pod!


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2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I think if there is an evolution of intelligence, it will brought about by something catastrophic. I fall in the punctuated equilubrium school, I suppose. Ford seems to be a classmate of sorts. And I agree that there are many spectra that we don’t experience directly with our senses, but they are there. Westworld presents the real predicament of sudden self-conscious sentience with, I think, a great deal of empathy.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Great Telegraph, Steve. I’ve been thinking a lot about how emotions relate to consciousness.

    And I find it interesting that we think feelings are a necessary component of being sentient. We keep using humans as the benchmark for awareness, but are we?

    Is a radio telescope blind? Is seeing one spectrum of light better than another? What if hosts have senses and mental processes we humans never can achieve? Does that make us less conscious?

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