Nothing Happened in Season 7

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While i loved the episode for making it back to the original feel of what we expect of Games, im still annoyed we had a full season where nothing happened.

and to be clear yes i understand that the story progressed, in a way, but not really.

I will say, while im with Big D on his feeling about Theon, its clear they are setting us up, for literally the worst kind of redemption thats so unbelieveble for Theon it pains me to even say it. But lets review: Euron leaves in a dramatic fashion after the arrival of the dragons and after he is bitch slapped by the entire crew to “stay humble sit down” kinda thing. But later on we find out that was actually an elaborate show put on by Cersi to allow him to retrieve the Golden Company Army that she has just purchased without drawing attention to those plans. So Euron, with Yara in tow, is clearly on his way to go pick up a bunch of sell-swords who were bought to defeat Dany. hmmmmm and now THEON is on his way to go get Yara….

that is a face of annoyed displeasure when you realize that a story line (that doesnt really matter in the big picture) is going to be thwarted by THEON GREYJOY of all fucking fucks as his “Redemption” for all his betrayals and backstabbings will be somehow fighting his uncle BEFORE he gets the Golden Company Army to prevent Cersi from going against the pact and leaving her sans any armies or navys.

heres a bright idea, why didnt we just have Jaime kill Cersi and be done with it already? we really need to drag out that story line as well? shes done. she has no fucking army (really as of now) its snowing in Kings Landing for what is possibly the first time for anyone whose alive there, she clearly knows (per Stupid Jaime pointing it out) that either Dany wins against the Army of the Undead, or the Undead win and they come for Cersi. It just feels so……so clearly obvious that now we’re going to know that next season we will have even MORE fucking jetpacking around, even more smashcutting of everything that they need to resolve in even LESS episodes than this one. its just….idk.

For years weve been waiting for this moment. For years we have been waiting for Winter to come, we have yearned for the Undead Army to arrive and be an actual palpable threat, weve been waiting to see Starks reunite and come together as a family we’ve been waiting for all this justice to happen, and we’re getting it, but i dont think its the way we expected. I sound like a complainer, i totally get that, but to build up to something for so so long and then BAM its just there and it almost feels stupid, are we stupid for not seeing this stupidity way back when? should we have realized that a story that took FOREVER to tell, could only end with this vomitting of a climax? Maybe this story had no where to go, and i didnt see that and thats why i feel dissapointed who knows.

props to them for giving me the “WOW” moment with Arya and Sansa. While we all saw it coming (because THE LEAST THEY CAN DO IS GIVE US THE STARKS ACTUALLY WORKING TOGETHER) but the way that Sansa just lashed at Little Finger, the way Arya just so quickly cuts his throat. like he wasnt even good enough to savor the death, like Walter Frey, he was so unimportant and such a throwaway it didnt even need some dramatic long look into the camera. he was done. just like that. after all that time plotting and scheming. it was still that shock that i really enjoyed. Having Bran in on the whole thing was a nice added bonus. The sissys chat looking out into their lands, they reminisce about their father once more, but what the fuck guys you had a mother too ya know? who pretty much died in a WORSE way than your father and yet no ones sitting there like God mom was just JUST as strong and smart (if not smarter) than dad gosh we’re so lucky to have had two really great parents.

nope. just dad. but i guess thats ok.

You guys called it, Jon is the true heir to the iron throne, and clearly thats also where we are headed at the end of this, either one of them (my bets on jon) has to die, or idk what will happen from there

i just want to make sure that we are all on the same page here, bran CANT see the future. hes said it multiple times. i am truly beliving that this isnt just a mistep. he can ONLY see the PRESENT and the PAST. but nothing of the future (whereas it seems like looking into the Lord of Light’s fire is more future predictions)

and look ive read all the anti “Bran isnt the Night King” theories, and they hinge all on the same point, that we have “no evidence Bran can try and change the past” Id like to be heard for just one moment. My theory of Bran being the Night King, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM CHANGING THE PAST. and i understand thats a hard concept for people to understand. but no one (at least not in the camp im running with) is suggesting that Bran somehow goes back in time and CHANGES something. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST HAPPENED, AND BRAN IS ONLY EXPERIENCING ALL THAT RIGHT NOW. Again i think its a complicated thing and i dont know how theyd pull it off but i just wanted to make clear, the story of “Fire and Ice” has been written, therefor bran could both be sitting at Winterfel as himself, and be the Night King from over 10,000+ years ago, and it all work out in the same time loop (See Looper, LOST, the Butterfly Effect)

Oh and one more thing, someone take the eyeliner away from Bronn. Enough. he looks like a sad Johnny Depp (and no one wants that)

to wrap up, it was a good episode. But in my opinion, this was a season opener, not closer. If we go by movement alone, what has changed? Dany is already in Westeros, the Dead are still on their way, Cersi will continue to not play by the rules she agrees to be bound by. The inner war and outer way are still just a threat and nothing really there there A wall came down
Jon and Dany fucked
Little finger died

thats is. All shit that could have happened at any point in time. (well besides the wall but even that was lame) and yea the wall coming down was lame. you build years on us thinking this thing is magic, you basically tell us so from the children of the forrest and HEY LOOK one fucking dragons breath and the whole thing crumbles. Then heres a bright idea what the fuck would happen if they had a really hot summer? this thing was not prepared for climate change? THATS how they bring the wall down? why not have some cool visual like all the dead army climbing up the wall or crawling under a tunnle theyve constructed under the wall. something. Like, what was going to fucking happen if they didnt get the dragon? are the only on the march BECAUSE they knew dragons were born? what would have happened if the dragons stayed extinct? if it really is the dragon that broke the curse then why arent we blamming dany for everything? if she wasnt so annoying needing to prove shes the mother of dragons we wouldnt have had the dragons and therefore the key to oipening the wall would have been opened.

again. just stupid shit i know. but this show never had stupid shit before. which makes talking about the stupid shit feel so much less petty then it actually is. I know im terrible. im sorry in advance.

– Gillian

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