Opening Credits Reveal Jon Snow Is Prince Who Was Promised

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Please take note of the Easter egg at the very opening of the episode, it is subtle but huge. It refers to the history of Hardholm. It signifies the presence of tje Lord of Light. It ezplains a lot of the things people were complaining about regarding this episode.
If you notice, the opening credits do not show on the map just where our lucky 7 are, but then the opening shot does. On the map table. They are just north of Hardholm, and that must be where they retreat to.
The Easter egg I refer to is that the shot reveals the fire from the harth in forced perspective so that it appears to rise from Hardholm. In the book’s lore, said place was the only civilized city beyond the wall, until it was destroyed by fire from a mysterious source. The flames burned so high and so hot that the watchers on the wall thought the sun was rising to the North. It completely destroyed all the wooden structures there.
But it wouldn’t have destroyed iron ship chains that were under water.
The table map shows the bottom of the ship port. Cartograpgers could map it out because you could see the bottom at low tide, or at least reach it with a stick. The magnificent seven were safe enough on that rock for the four days it would have taken for Khaleesi to receive word and then travel there, necause the dead needed to wait for not just the ice to freeze, but also for the tide to come in.
Jon survived because: there were sloping rocks to climb, salt water is more bouyant, but most importantly, because the Lord of Light is powerful in that spot, and did not want him to die. Whether or not this means he was actually brought back from death, he is at least symbolically reborn. He comes out of a hole, wet, shivering and disoriented. He has a new point of view.
If you haven’t done the math at this point, here it is: Jon is reborn from salt and smoke, fire and ice.
– Patrick McHolm

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