S8 Ep6 Series Finale GOT : the Iron Throne

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Hey Guys,

My take on the Series finale of Game of Thrones is more philosophical than most. In the longitude of the series, as a whole, The Starks won the GAME OF THRONES and the Lannisters Died! My scorecard stacks up thusly; Bran Stark: King of the 6 Kingdoms
Sansa Stark: Queen of the Independent Kingdom of the North
Jon Snow: Queenslayer and King beyond the Wall/ Of the Freefolk & Wildings Arya Stark: World Travelling Assassin & Explorer
Tyrion, the last surviving Lannister, is the NEW Hand of King Bran; Jaime and Cersei are Dead: Tywin is dead and most of the House Lannister died in the Sept of Baelor at Cersei’s hand!

The Ruling Council at the Dragon Pit could have been Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things Part 2. Tyrion (a Bastard in his Father’s eyes) discussed how things should occur from this point. The Council decided to name Bran the Broken as King-( cripple & broken) on Tyrion’s advice. Tyrion then discussed what should happen to Jon Snow (Stark Bastard & spiritually broken and emotionally crippled) and Sansa convinced Bran to let her rule the North separately, breaking away from the 7 Kingdoms (now a broken thing and 6 Kingdoms). Jon’s being sentenced to return to the Night’s Watch was actually his freedom from all the political machinations that his true lineage caused and hopefully, he will find peace.

The ending montage of the Starks in the various locations immediately flashed me of the promo of Jon, Sansa and Arya were walking thru the crypts and came upon their statues. And to complete the WHOLE series, Jon and Tormunde are leading the Wildlings beyond the Wall, the same shot that began the series with Waymar Royce and 2 other rangers first encountering the White Walkers, except this time as they walk towards the Haunted Forest, a new green plant has breached to snow… A Dream of Spring perhaps?

I think Dany’s storyline was ultimately WASTED. Her turn to Maniacial Queen was too fast!! Overall, I’m still very much a fan of the show but I understand that fandom passions run EXTREMELY high with and 8 year investment!

Thanks for a Great podcast! I’m always listening!!

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