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Regarding James’s little “brother”

Kid’s birth and James’s departure roughly same (ten years) perhaps his child with Zilpha? Horace basically banished his own son to live with strangers? Unlikely. More likely that Zilpha couldn’t face the child or raise him properly and he’s a source of familial embarrassment. _
East India Stuart Strange: serial pederast? Would explain a lot with regard to many aspects of the revealed plot ie…

James’s instant plunge from exemplary perfect student to murderously subordinate/disrespectful, and obviously lingering hatred of the epic. Triggered by molestation?

James comment upon their meeting
“Harder to remember those you looked down upon…etc”

Godders: perhaps he’s one who didn’t mind it, got “rewarded” with a desk job in London? _
Why steal a component of gunpowder from a company with an obvious military component…why not just steal GUNPOWDER?

Why let the guard who saw pearl and Helga live after killing so many that saw nothing?

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