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Watchmen Episode 6 Theories

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories Thanksgiving weekend be damned; we just can’t stop talking about “Watchmen!” True to the excess of holiday binging and Black Friday shopping, this supersized Newsstand edition is overflowing with listener mail and voicemail. We’ll explore whether Looking Glass is the worst cop ever, how Nostalgia works,...

Watchmen Episode 6 Review

Watchmen Episode 6 Review: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Review Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being” rewrote the book on flashback episodes and introduced a second powerful origin story, unmasking Hooded Justice and daring to explore the rage of the marginalized and the phenomenon of benevolent racism. Our sixth “Watchmen” Deep Dive outlines seven big reveals, breaks...

Watchmen Episode 6 Instant Takes

Watchmen Episode 6 Instant Take: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Instant Take You complained, and we listened! The Instacast is back! The Shat Crew provide their immediate reactions to Watchmen Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being.” The King Bee focuses on Will Reeve’s Magic Maglite, and Gene Lyons explores how Hooded Justice’s origin story shows us there are...