Watchmen Episode 6 Theories: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories
Watchmen Episode 6 Theories

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories

Thanksgiving weekend be damned; we just can’t stop talking about “Watchmen!” True to the excess of holiday binging and Black Friday shopping, this supersized Newsstand edition is overflowing with listener mail and voicemail.

We’ll explore whether Looking Glass is the worst cop ever, how Nostalgia works, Lady Trieu’s secrets, Jehovah’s Witnesses, The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Adrian Veidt’s escape attempts, and more.

Apologies for the occasional audio pop and/or angry outburst. It was a wild ride of a recording.

Watchmen Episode 6 Summary:
“This Extraordinary Being” Laurie tries to get Angela to agree to treatment before the Nostalgia kicks in, but is too late as the latter starts to experience Will’s memories as a new officer with the New York Police in 1938. After discovering a ploy called “Cyclops”, he is nearly lynched by his fellow white officers. While walking home while, he dons a mask and hood to fight off men attacking a young couple. He is called a hero the next day, and supported by his wife June, takes on the persona of “Hooded Justice”. Will is invited to the Minutemen by Captain Metropolis, but when Will finds that “Cyclops” is a plan by the KKK to hypnotize black people at movie theaters to incite riots among themselves across the country, they refuse to help. Will takes out the New York operation on his own, killing all involved, and becomes disillusioned with his role; leaving his family. In the present, Will uses a modified form of the hypnotic technology to make Judd hang himself. Angela wakes up at Lady Trieu’s quarters, who has been helping to get the Nostalgia out of her system.

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