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Watchmen Episode 8 Theories

Watchmen Episode 8 Theories: “A God Walks into Abar”

“Watchmen” Episode 8 focused on Dr. Manhattan and Angela Abar, so we weren’t surprised when your letters also centered around the two biggest characters in Damon Lindelof’s new TV universe. Email and voicemail sparked a conversation about tachyonic antitelephones, whether Topher’s being fed mini-bites of blue goodness, and how Adrian Veidt still fits into the story.

Watchmen Episode 8 Review

Watchmen Episode 8 Review: “A God Walks into Abar”

Episode 8, “A God Walks into A Bar.” A Watchmen Deep Dive told in three acts. Act 1: Gene Lyons, a man who took two semesters of physics at Arizona State University, attempts to explain the string theory and bootstrap paradox of Dr. Manhattan’s existence while also arguing that Will Reeves destroyed Cyclops on his own. Act 2: Non-practicing Catholic Roger Roeper proves, once again, that any major TV character can be connected to Jesus Christ if you try hard enough. He also examines gods vs. men playing gods as he compares the archetypes presented in Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan. Act 3: The King Bee explores what Adrian Veidt’s persecution in the post-credits scenes tells us about Europa and Veidt’s motivations. Oh, and he takes a stab at the horseshoe thing. It’s pretty good.

Watchmen Episode 8 Instant Review

Watchmen Episode 8 Instant Review: “A God Walks into Abar”

The Shat Crew provide their immediate reactions to Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks into Abar.” Roger hails it as possibly the best episode yet, while Gene marvels at how the storytelling took him from rejection last week to absolute adoration this week. Plus, Adrian Veidt gracefully slips back into the story, and Roger announces the creation of the Shat on TV Store. Have a quick listen, write to us at hosts@shatontv.com, and listen on Tuesday for the Watchmen Deep Dive.

Watchmen Episode 7 Theories

Watchmen Episode 7 Theories: “An Almost Religious Awe”

Watchmen Episode 7 Theories Man, did we piss some people off! Listeners write in about what we got wrong with the Episode 7 Deep Dive, what we got right, and what the heck is happening at the Millennium Clock. Hear why Roger feels like he’s Doctor Manhattan, and discover the...

Watchmen Episode 7 Review

Watchmen Episode 7 Review: “An Almost Religious Awe”

Watchmen Episode 7 Review Episode 7, “An Almost Religious Awe” delivered the biggest plot twists we’ve seen so far, but were they overly telegraphed? And are they true to the “Watchmen” spirit? Our seventh “Watchmen” Deep Dive dissects some of the decisions made by Damon Lindelof’s team as The King...

Watchmen Episode 7 Instant Take

Watchmen Episode 7 Instant Take: “An Almost Religious Awe”

Watchmen Episode 7 Instant Take The Shat Crew provide their immediate reactions to Watchmen Episode 7, “An Almost Religious Awe.” Gene rolls his eyes at the flood of I-told-you-so tweets coming after the big blue reveal, and Roger spots Trieu tech in the Seventh Kavalry hideout. Also, Dr. Lyons explains...

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Theories Thanksgiving weekend be damned; we just can’t stop talking about “Watchmen!” True to the excess of holiday binging and Black Friday shopping, this supersized Newsstand edition is overflowing with listener mail and voicemail. We’ll explore whether Looking Glass is the worst cop ever, how Nostalgia works,...

Watchmen Episode 6 Review

Watchmen Episode 6 Review: “This Extraordinary Being”

Watchmen Episode 6 Review Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being” rewrote the book on flashback episodes and introduced a second powerful origin story, unmasking Hooded Justice and daring to explore the rage of the marginalized and the phenomenon of benevolent racism. Our sixth “Watchmen” Deep Dive outlines seven big reveals, breaks...