Watchmen Episode 7 Theories: “An Almost Religious Awe”

Watchmen Episode 7 Theories
Watchmen Episode 7 Theories

Watchmen Episode 7 Theories

Man, did we piss some people off! Listeners write in about what we got wrong with the Episode 7 Deep Dive, what we got right, and what the heck is happening at the Millennium Clock.

Hear why Roger feels like he’s Doctor Manhattan, and discover the link between Watchmen, Star Wars, and Nietzsche. Experience Gene’s encounter with “black girl magic voice,” and witness our first-ever love letter to The King Bee.

Watchmen Episode 7 Summary:
“An Almost Religious Awe” Angela continues to be treated for the Nostalgia, her own memories of losing her parents and her grandmother June in Vietnam mingled among Will’s. Angela learns that the Manhattan phone booths supposedly connected to Mars simply route to this facility, and Trieu tells her Doctor Manhattan is actually on Earth, in Tulsa, disguised as a human. Trieu is aware that the Kavalry plan to capture and destroy Dr. Manhattan, as to become like him; Trieu is planning to activate the Millennium Clock to execute some plan within the hour to save the world. Angela breaks free, rushes home, and after telling Cal she loves him as a husband, she bashes his head in with a hammer and pulls out a small disc-shaped after Manhattan’s symbol. Laurie goes to speak to Jane Crawford about her husband’s death, but falls into a trap door and taken to the Kavalry headquarters, where Joe reveals their plan to capture Manhattan to fight against white discrimination. Petey tries to track down Looking Glass, finding his fallout shelter filled with bodies of the Kavalry but no sign of him. Veidt is put on a year-long trial by the Game Warden, which Veidt takes as a farce.

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