Watchmen Episode 9 Theories: “See How They Fly”

Watchmen Episode 9 Theories
Watchmen Episode 9 Theories

Watchmen Episode 9 Instant Review

Based on your letters and voicemail, “Watchmen” Episode 9 hit a home run. The season finale, “See How They Fly,” satisfied viewers who wanted a story with few loose ends and a simple resolution. It also fueled tons of conversation about why Angela Abar ate the egg, what Europa meant to Adrian Veidt, and whether Lady Trieu was Trieuly Evil.

This Newsstand edition of Shat on TV covers the love between Angela and Dr. Manhattan, the Curse of Comic Book Knowledge, Garth Brooks, and The King Bee’s surprising ability to recollect poetry.

Watchmen Episode 9 Summary:
“See How They Fly” Trieu is revealed to be Veidt’s daughter, and in 2008, developed a machine to capture Doctor Manhattan’s power which she wants to use for herself. Later, she helps Veidt to escape Europa, and wants him there along with Bien, a clone of her mother, when she activates her device in downtown Tulsa. The Kavalry, working with the Cyclops leadership capture Manhattan, and Joe Keene prepares to take his powers. Laurie discovers Looking Glass is alive, disguised as a Kavalry member. Just as the Kavalry activate their system, Trieu teleports the setup to downtown Tulsa, finding Joe has become ooze, and kills the Cyclops leadership. Before he is killed by Trieu, Manhattan uses the distraction to teleport Veidt, Laurie, and Looking Glass to Karnak, where Veidt reworks his squid-rain system to send frozen squid to pulverize the area around Triue’s device, killing Trieu. Angela takes shelter in the theater where Will and her children are. Will explains Manhattan had worked with him to bring this end, a necessary conclusion. Laurie and Looking Glass bring Veidt to justice using the copy of the 1985 video. Angela offers Will a room at their home, and while cleaning up eggs from the night before, recalls Manhattan’s statement about transferring his powers through an organic medium. Finding one unbroken egg, Angela eats it and attempts to walk on water as she saw Manhattan do the night before.

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1 Response

  1. Eric says:

    Hello y’all, long time listener first time emailer! My comment is regarding the question “why did Angela eat the egg?” And I wanted to mention something that I haven’t really heard anyone talk about yet. It comes near the end of the episode where Angela is standing in the kitchen looking at the memory loss chip and her grandfather appears asking if she needs help cleaning up. Angela says “no I got it” will says “he was a good man and I’m sorry he’s gone, BUT considering everything he could do, he could have done more. Chuckles* and walks away…. I think he knew Angela was going to eat the egg the whole time. I think Dr. Manhatten told Will that he was going to put his powers in the egg when he talked to him all those years ago. In the episode”a god walks into a bar” Angela asks Dr. Manhatten to prove he is who he says he is. She asks him to create life. He creates an egg and she says “really of all things you create an egg?” But in reality he knew that egg was going to be literally everything in the end.

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