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Watchmen Season 1 Wrap Up

Watchmen Season 1 Wrap Up

The voicemailers dominate this final mailbag edition of Shat on TV: Watchmen, with five callers sharing their opinions on everything from Dr. Manhattan to podcasts themselves. Plus, a King Bee critic calls in with an apology. Newsstand email covers listeners’ final thoughts on the season as a whole, key characters, and even an “umm … actually” about autism.

Watchmen Episode 9 Theories

Watchmen Episode 9 Theories: “See How They Fly”

Based on your letters and voicemail, “Watchmen” Episode 9 hit a home run. The season finale, “See How They Fly,” satisfied viewers who wanted a story with few loose ends and a simple resolution. It also fueled tons of conversation about why Angela Abar ate the egg, what Europa meant to Adrian Veidt, and whether Lady Trieu was Trieuly Evil. This Newsstand edition of Shat on TV covers the love between Angela and Dr. Manhattan, the Curse of Comic Book Knowledge, Garth Brooks, and The King Bee’s surprising ability to recollect poetry.

Watchmen Episode 9 Review

Watchmen Episode 9 Review: “See How They Fly”

The season finale, “See How They Fly,” inspired our last, longest and best “Watchmen” Deep Dive. Gene examines whether Doctor Manhattan committed suicide. Roger ponders why Angela Abar was so quick to gobble her magic egg. The King Bee worships at the altar of Ozymandias, and the three rates how well each character was used. Finally, the Shat boys end the Deep Dive with their thoughts on how TV might never be the same. Roger proposes a 30-minute bonus episode of “Watchmen,” and we talk about big eyebrows and “medium-strong” anatomy.

Watchmen Episode 9 Instant Review

Watchmen Episode 9 Instant Review: “See How They Fly”

The Shat Crew provide their immediate reactions to the Watchmen season finale: Episode 9, “See How They Fly.” The King Bee spotlights Jeremy Irons’ exquisite performance as Adrian Veidt, while Roger Roeper says he was satisfied by not impressed. Gene mulls over the possibility Doctor Manhattan committed suicide by Trieu, and we learn the secret identity of Lube Man.


Watchmen Episode 5 Review: “Little Fear of Lightning”

Watchmen Episode 5 Review Episode 5, “Little Fear of Lightning” set our sights on “Watchmen” fans’ favorite character: Looking Glass. It’s a master class in illustrating an origin story while also answering loads of questions. Our fifth “Watchmen” Deep Dive outlines two big reveals: who is behind the Seventh Kavalry...

Watchmen Episode 4 Theories

Watchmen Episode 4 Theories: “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own”

Watchmen Episode 4 Theories It’s bonus weekend episode of “Shat on TV” dedicated to your listener mail! This Newsstand edition covers new theories on where, when, and why Adrian Veidt is imprisoned; what fell from the sky; whether Judd Crawford faked his own death; and who Lube Man really is....

Watchmen Episode 4 Review

Watchmen Episode 4 Review: “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own”

Watchmen Episode 4 Review “Watchmen” Episode 4, “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own,” wasn’t filler. It was a funneling of far-flung ideas and characters into a more concentrated storyline, powered by notions of legacy and reckoning. Our fourth “Watchmen” Deep Dive asks “what’s with all the eggs?”...


Watchmen Episode 3 Theories: “She Was Killed By Space Junk”

Watchmen Episode 3 Theories Listeners filled up the mailbag, so he’s a bonus episode of Shat on TV to cover your letters. This Newsstand edition covers whether Judd Crawford’s dead, steampunk junk, tons of cast notes, the Turner Diaries, Skip Gates’ true claim to fame, how “Watchmen” stacks up against...