Watchmen Episode 5 Review: “Little Fear of Lightning”


Watchmen Episode 5 Review

Episode 5, “Little Fear of Lightning” set our sights on “Watchmen” fans’ favorite character: Looking Glass. It’s a master class in illustrating an origin story while also answering loads of questions.

Our fifth “Watchmen” Deep Dive outlines two big reveals: who is behind the Seventh Kavalry and where is Adrian Veidt? This episode also explores:

  • how the drug Nostalgia works
  • whether Looking Glass turned on Sister Night
  • the sex scene between Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis
  • and the deep meaning behind the episode’s title.

Watchmen Episode 5 Summary:
Wade suffers PTSD as a survivor of Veidt’s 1985 squid attack. Laurie bugs Wade’s desk and learns that Angela asked him about the pills. Wade’s ex-wife, Cynthia, tells him the pills are Nostalgia, which contains other people’s memories. The Kavalry lure Wade to a warehouse, where they are testing a teleportation portal. Joe explains both he and Judd are Kavalry members trying to keep them in check. Joe coerces Wade’s help to learn what Angela knows about Judd’s death after showing him a video of Veidt, made a day before the 1985 attack and addressed to future President Redford, explaining his long-term plan; shaking Wade to his core. At the station the next day, Wade gets Angela to state that her grandfather was behind Judd’s death. Laurie hears this via the audio bug and arrests Angela, but not before she ingests the pills. Wade returns home after work and Kavalry members arrive with guns. Veidt learns that his prison is on Europa, and arranges the frozen bodies of his servants to spell out “SAVE ME” so they will be visible to Juno. However, he is pulled back into the prison and arrested by the Game Warden.

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