Watchmen Episode 4 Review: “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own”

Watchmen Episode 4 Review
Watchmen Episode 4 Review

Watchmen Episode 4 Review

“Watchmen” Episode 4, “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own,” wasn’t filler. It was a funneling of far-flung ideas and characters into a more concentrated storyline, powered by notions of legacy and reckoning.

Our fourth “Watchmen” Deep Dive asks “what’s with all the eggs?” while exploring baby-making, Ozymandias’ escape plans, and whether characters are learning to trust each other or just tired of wearing masks. This episode also explores:

  • Lube Man
  • Night Owl’s connection to Laurie Blake’s vibrator
  • echoes of Superman
  • and the dark history behind Bian’s nightmare.

Watchmen Episode 4 Summary:
“If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own” Lady Trieu buys out the farmland of an Oklahoma couple just moments before an object from space crashes onto their property as to claim its ownership. Angela learns about Will’s parents at the heritage center, when she hears her car crash outside and meets Laurie, finding a pill bottle inside. Later, Angela leaves the pill bottle and Judd’s KKK outfit with Looking Glass, and fails to capture an unknown vigilante who witnessed her dispose of Will’s wheelchair. Laurie has found Will’s fingerprints in Angela’s car, as well as a connection to Trieu’s facility at the Millennium Clock. Trieu provides them with a list of people with access to new lightweight drones, and in Vietnamese, tells Angela that Will wonders if she got the pill bottle. That evening, Trieu talks to Will about being upfront with Angela, but with events to come to a head in a few days, he would rather she figure it out herself. Meanwhile, Veidt collects fetuses from a lake to grow new clones of Phillips and Crookshanks after killing off all of the existing ones. With their help, Veidt launches the dead bodies by catapult to test the limits of his prison.

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