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The Westie Awards: Season 3

More than 3,000 votes were counted, and Big D drank a half bottle of vodka to celebrate Season 3 of the “Shat on TV: Westworld” Westie Awards! This special (and strangely dark) podcast edition is a thank you to everyone who listened and supported Shat on TV this season. It includes winners for Best Future Tech, Best Dressed, Best of The Dolori, Best Use of Music, Most WTF Moment, Best Action Sequence, Wasted Talent, Best Plot Twist, Best Villain, and Most Shocking Reveal. Shat Nation also crowns the Season 3 MVP and debates who had the best motorcycle butt this year.

2020 Westie Awards

Westie Awards: Season 3

Shat on TV Westie Awards are back! “Westworld” Season 3 showed us a slick, dystopian view of the future; introduced us to powerful new characters; and forever changed the way we view our favorite hosts and humans. Now is the time to vote for your favorite Season 3 characters and...


Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies

Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies Sure “Westworld” was recently nominated for 21 Emmy Awards, but who cares about the same old boring Award shows when you have the Shat on TV Westies?! After hundreds of fan votes, we’ll announce the winners of such categories as: Best Showdown Best...

Vote in the Shat on TV Westie Awards

We’ve spent hours debating the best characters and scenes from “Westworld.” Let’s settle this once and for all! The inaugural Westie Awards celebrate the highs and lows we’ve experienced together watching “Westworld.” Please click here to vote or make your own suggestions. Need help deciding? Gene’s whipped up some notes...