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Hey Guys,

First off, I have to say, I love the podcast. I found it when you guys uploaded the Louis Herthum interview. It has helped me further understand the complexities of the show, while also having fun while listening.

I thought the finale was amazing. It answered so many questions, while also presenting so many more. The most intriguing question for me is the question of: who is inhabiting Charlotte Hale’s host body. I think most people are on the same page that there are not two Dolores’. Going off of that, there are so many potential hosts inhabiting that body.

(I am not claiming to be the first person to come up with any of these theories, but I also haven’t copied them from any other source.)

My first thought was that it could be Wyatt. Maybe Dolores realized that she was way to cruel with the Wyatt character inside her, and decided that for her to truly lead a whole species, she needed to be able to sperate Good and Bad. This would allow her to have a mercenary character to do her dirty work, while not putting herself in any big danger. This could also be why the Charlotte host is holding a gun in the last scene. Also, if she is able to question her cornerstone enough to purge herself of the Wyatt character, then she could have potentially reached the true sentience that Bernard imagined himself talking to Ford about.

Another theory that I came up with is that the system that controlled the Forge and impersonated Logan could be inhabiting Charlotte. I think this would be a powerful weapon for Dolores to have, given that the system has had an infinite amount of time to study humans in the Forge, and that alone is the most powerful weapon that Dolores could ever hope to have. It also has studied many very powerful humans such as James Delos and William. If other powerful people, such as world leaders or other billionaires have visited the park, then Dolores would immediately have a leg-up on them. I believe that when Dolores says something along the lines of “there is another soul I must carry to the New World”, she could be talking about the system. While on my initial viewing I thought she was talking about Teddy, I now think it could have a double meaning. This also could play into the William and Emily scene in the credits. After the hosts take over, who’s better to run fidelity tests on William than the thing that previously ran the Forge.

There is also a possibility that Ford could be in the Charlotte host body. I think this is possible simply because there aren’t many other people Dolores trusts enough to just casually walk around her with a gun, especially after being killed by Bernard. Given that Ford is probably the smartest person on the entire show, he could make a big difference in the host-human war. Also, the way Tessa Thomson moved in that scene (inspecting the host-making-machine, and just the general way she walked) reminded me of Anthony Hopkins. We know from the finale that Tessa Thomson is a master at impersonating people, so she definitely has the talent to pull it off.

Thanks for all the great work you guys do on the podcast.

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  1. JohnG says:

    I like the idea of Ford, because then we get the Ford character, but we don’t have to worry about getting Anthony Hopkins back. Tessa Thompson can be Ford. But I LOVE your idea that the system AI is who is in there. Why just scan the data, when you can take the whole library and its librarian? Great theory!

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