That’s The Reason?! / Ep.3 Bloodlust

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Hey guys,

Enjoying the podcasts as always! I have 2 different topics relating to this week’s episode: Bran’s night king explanation and all of the expectations surrounding next episode.

Stuffed into this fan service mega sandwich of an episode was a slice of Night King exposition. Bran said the NK is coming for him as he wants to “erase the memory of the world”. Aside from Sam’s heavy handed attempt to justify this and yadda-yadda any actual reason, what the hell does this actually mean? The NK wants to destroy the world by killing the history of it? Mmm ok I’ll generally accept that as a motivation, but why not target all of the libraries or hold some book burnings(or freezings)? Bran may be a walking library, but he spends his days silently staring at people. In fact, up until Bran, it’s assumed that no one outside of the 3 eyed Raven’s cave even knew what the 3 eyed Raven was. When Bran told people what he was, they all looked at him with the “wtf are you talking about” face. So it’s not as if the citadel is receiving bi-monthly updates from the 3 eyed Raven. The only knowledge any 3 eyed Raven has spoken to anyone throughout all of time is bran telling Sam that R+L =J. He didn’t tell Dany/Jon that Cersei isn’t sending an army. He isn’t dropping knowledge bombs left and right (which you would expect people to just be hounding him all day with questions about what’s happening/where the NK is/etc.) It’s just a kid with the entirety of human knowledge sitting in a room silently. But ok, he’s the target because he’s the “memory”. If the Night King is following his GPS signal of Bran’s arm scratch, then why are they not sending him north in a wagon to draw the NK’s army away from civilization? Just have bran and the NK army do loops around the North. I hope this isn’t the end of explanation when it comes to this. I enjoyed the fan theories having to do with the children of the forest symbols the army made, where the NK wanted to go and for what purpose. And I also enjoyed the theories that he’s just a force of nature who has no purpose. We already knew he wanted Bran dead. I mean, come on, if you’re going to give us Arya side boob, at least give us something juicy about the mythology.

Aside from that, as Big D said, alot of people will think that this episode was a bit too slow. While I thoroughly enjoy anything GoT throws at me, I’d be included in that category. With the lack of a death count (minus lil Ned Umber) 2 episodes in, everyone has set in their mind that next week will be devastating. Surely they just gave us a happy episode 2 for the battle to happen and everything comes crashing down in episode 3. However, the last “battle” episode was at the end of season 7, beyond the wall. Remember the magnificent 7 that went to capture a wight and everyone was placing bets on who/how many would die? Turns out, it was only Thoros, the most minor character of them all. And the battle before that, the Loot Train, only the Tarly’s died, not even in the battle. And before that, Battle of the Bastards, Rickon, Wun Wun, and Ramsay died (but no one during the actual battle: those we’re all pre/post battle). While I certainly hope we get some heartbreaking deaths in the battle for Winterfell, we may want to pump the brakes on our expectations. We may get 1 or 2 minor character deaths, lyanna mormont and podrick I’m looking at you, but GoT may yet again subvert our expectations and not give us any real shockers. How much bloodlust do you guys think is right to want from this next episode?

Keep on keepin on and try to get some sleep!
Ryan from Dallas

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