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Hey guys,

I just got through listening to the deep dive and was intrigued by your “reverse Matrix/backup theory regarding the Cradle. However I think you went too complex too fast and perhaps missed the low hanging fruit which I’ll call the Tron Theory. I haven’t had time to flesh this out in shatontv depth so I’ll give you the base and let you run with it.

Based on the info shown I think the simplest explanation is not that the Cradle houses back-ups of the hosts but it contains the actual true form minds of the hosts; it’s where they exist. I think that Ford (and Arnold) are the Tron Kevin Flynn characters of Westworld. They realized they created intelligence within code and the Cradle is the world this code lives in. Like Flynn, Ford has found a way to enter the program, which just like Tron, mirrors the “real” world. In Tron Legacy, we see Flynn’s son extract the code into the real world in physical form.

I think this is exactly what Ford/Arnold did in birthing hosts. I’m no Tron geek and I’m not comparing the intricacies of Tron to WW. I’m saying the hosts that we see are merely undeveloped extensions of their true selves, much like a baby (but if the adult version existed somewhere else). The maze then represents the hosts physical mind syncing with the host’s adult Cradle mind.

That’s about far as I’ll go and let you guys have it. Your podcast definitely makes the show more enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

Matthew M. Colson

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