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Here are my quick comments on Ep. 4 for this week:

Amelia absolutely, positively went over to the Purcell house not as a teacher but as a busy-body investigator. So let’s, right away, dispense with the notion that she was coming over just to drop off some personal items of the children out of the goodness of he herart- I don’t buy it and hopefully you don’t either. She used the arts and crafts as a foray into the house and luckily stumbled across Lucy chugging Carlo-Rossi. The biggest reveal in theentire discussion between the two has to be, of course, when Lucy breaks down mid-conversation, dreadful about what “she has done,” praying to god for help. And then….she says…”children should laugh…” as she describes the wretched state of the home and laments that she has “the soul of a whore.” That she uses the exact same phrase in the anonymous note sent to the Purcell home definitely is more than a coincidece, given her overwhelming guilt that seems to stem from being more than just a bad mother. Lucy knows something. Lucy has DONE or NOT DONE something of importance. What that is? I’m sure we will see next week…

Also- I’m really suspicious of that priest. Seems to me he wants Hayes confession not to alleviate him from the burden of carrying his sins around…I think the priest wants to know what’s going on in his mind, praying that he will get a glimpse into the investigation- for what reason? I’m not yet sure. He’s VERY quick to assert that his congregation doesn’t possess a murder/child abductor, but more than happy to have them fingerprinted. So which is it? Idk. But the guy just rubs me the wrong way. Not saying he’s guilty- but…

Finally, can’t wait for the showdown between Brett and the MAGA dads. Brett is ready to go down, but not without one hell of a fight which he absolutely lured them into. Good for him.

Thanks for everything, keep up the great work.

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