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I’d like to ask your take on the Theon situation. And I want to preface this by saying that Theon’s character arc and redemption is one of my favorite story lines of the series. However, I think he died for nothing (or would have been better used defending the wall with the rest of the major warrior characters).

Here’s the issue:
If the Night King had command and control of the wights and he wanted to kill Bran personally, was Bran ever really in any danger from the wights? I say no, the only danger to Bran was the Night King himself and Theon was entirely ineffective in protecting Bran from that threat.

If the Night King was planning on using the wights to kill Bran (or even just didn’t care how he died), then why did the Night King walk into the courtyard at all? He had just raised his second wave of wights and Bran’s guard was down to just Theon and Bran would have been killed in mere minutes if the assault was continued.

Maybe I’m missing something, but Theon’s redemption was capped with a pointless sacrifice when he could have had the same fate but in service of other main characters. That at least would have helped to offset some of the “plot armor” issues.

Thanks for reading!

Also, making the dragon glass weapons would have yielded tons of dragon glass shards which could have been used as shrapnel to rain down on the dead with the trebuchets (had they been better positioned in the first place as you all pointed out perfectly).

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  1. Scotty B says:

    I have been thinking over the Bronn situation. I keep thinking of the scene that the Double D’s must have cut. Picture Bronn walking though Winterfell’s courtyard. He stumbles upon the Stark family conference and asks where he might find Jamie and the Imp. Sansa asks Bronn about his crossbow. Bran answers that it was Jeoferry’s. Arya corrects the faux poux(sp) by saying that Sansa was asking Bronn not Bran. Bronn walks away mumbling about royal fuching families.

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