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Hi guys!

Love your podcast guys! Big D is absolutely right about the fans getting more dedicated: I am absolutely hooked. Thank you for your great coverage of Westworld. You guys really come together to make a super entertaining podcast, the best this season if I dare say, and balance each other out really great. Big D, you are like my spirit animal. It is like listening to myself: I don’t know if I want to hush you or put you on a megaphone.

An idea that immediately came to me when listening to your last episode was that what if their take on

Futureworld is that it is Dolores’ renegade hosts who are uploaded into the copies of guests and that this are their exist into the real world. To break it down: a.) we know they have the technology to make a believable duplicate of a real human, b.) We know the humans have found a large amount of ‘virgin hosts’, c.) we know Dolores is on this quest for a weapon, d.) she wants world domination, e.) she will not find it in Westworld, f.) to leave Westworld something must be done about the implanted explosive in their spine, g.) the Westworld management has a list over guests and hosts, h.) they need a cover to get out of Westworld, i.) there are a lot of dead guest around to impersonate and j.) the conjecture that there is a reservoir of reserve hosts to send out if one gets blown to pieces/easy to print a new version of a destroyed host g.) the plot of Futureworl and e.) the flood is concealing the weapon.

So it is an easy to ask the question: What if Dolores’ weapon is the Futureworld project? And her plan is to download her gang of renegage hosts into existing copies of guests. Especially opportune if any of the copied guests are in the park: then they will just need to conceal/destroy their guests bodies to pass themselves of as the true x or y. If Delos had collected data about them (the guests) then the hosts might also be able to access it. Then the flood will conceal or alternatively delay the discovery of the ‘mind-swap’. It would not be easy for Delos to go public about it if the hosts succeed to exit the park in the guest-copies. It is supposed to be a secret project and the people copied are supposed to be rich and influential. Quite a pickle for season ?

Sorry if this is just spam. Somebody has probably already thought about this and I’m literally just typing this out when listening to you guys. It just screamed at me when I was listening. Don’t know if I believe it in. Premise is that they would want to do a homage to Futureworld, and I don’t know who would want that after watching it.

Best regards


Feel free to mispronounce my name if I make it to the podcast.

I’ve always been curious about what it would sound like in English

And please not post? I don’t want my bad English immortalized in any shape or form.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    There’s certainly something telling about the virgin control units in the bodies recovered from the water. Just what Dolores is up to isn’t crystal clear, but I think you’re at least partly on the right path.

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