Some Thoughts on the Big Death of This Season, Thanks to Your Death Poll

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Hi guys,

I’ve been listening to you since Westworld. I think you’ve done an amazing job with that, as well as with American Gods. You are truly enhancing our experience with your clever, insightful comments while still keeping it fun. You’re doing the same with Game of Thrones now, and thanks a lot for that.

I have a theory about who’s going to die this season, and I got this idea from your death poll. I already wrote this as a comment on your website but wanted to send as an email too for the Small Council. Sorry for the duplication.

The death poll genuinely worried me, simply because Tyrion got 0 votes. Zero. Each character got at least some votes, except him. Nobody wants him to die. But come to think of it, there’s no reason not to kill him. All the other major characters have some reasons to stay around, but not Tyrion.

Jon Snow still has a lot to do with the dragon glass, the white walkers etc. and he already died once, so I think he’s the least likely to die this season.

Jamie has to deal with Cersei before he goes down. Many people think he’ll kill her at some point. If that’s gonna happen, he needs to stay around a bit more so that we can see the events leading to that.

Daenerys isn’t going down until at least one of the dragons dies. Also, she just started to get along with Jon, and I think they have a lot to do together. She’ll probably be actively involved with the fight against the White Walkers somehow. Or at least lead a much larger attack on Cersei. So, I believe she still has time.

Tyrion, on the other hand, has no reason to stay around.

I think they even prepared his demise. He fucked up a lot recently with the war plans. It’s a trope: the beloved character suddenly starts making huge mistakes one after the other, does some awesome thing once more to redeem those mistakes, dying in the process.

Also, Jamie will probably end up as a prisoner, again, where he’ll get the chance to talk to Tyrion. He now knows for sure that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey. The two brothers have a special relationship but drifted apart and now it’s possible for them to have some closure in the next episode. And Jamie will sooner or later join Cersei again, when the two will have a fight probably because of Tyrion. If Tyrion is dead at that point, the dramatic effect would be bigger.

To sum up: 1) Nobody wants Tyrion to die
2) There’s no reason he shouldn’t die
3) It would actually help the plot if he does

So I think it’s going to be Tyrion who dies this season. So sad!

What do you guys think?


‘Tez’ from Berlin

PS: They might also kill Littlefinger, but I think that would be fan service at this point because most fans hate him and they would actually be happy to see him die. Also, he’s been quite irrelevant this season so far. He hasn’t done anything relevant to the plot. He shouldn’t die before he does one more big thing. And if he does die, I don’t think he should be the only one. If we’re gonna see the dramatic death of a beloved character, Littlefinger is not a candidate, while Tyrion is the strongest one.

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1 Response

  1. Tez, you sold me on your thoughts. It would make a lot of GoT sense for Tyrion to die. Specially since he’s George RR Martim himself’s favourite character. If this is going down, however, I guess it’ll be only in Season 8 (I strongly believe that if they kill him before closer to the end, some people will bail on the show!)

    Regarding Littlefinger, yeah, his demise is nearing, and the set up is relatively similar to Jon’s betrayal by Olly (that little bastard). Since he’s in Winterfell, my guess is that he’ll try to meddle with the Starks’ relationship (this way he would resume having more power over Sansa, in his eyes), and after some success that’ll backfire and PLEASE LET ARYA KILL HIM, David and Dan. =)

    Nice words, Tez.

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