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Hi guys,

Here are my thoughts on the James/Zilpha relationship as I understand it. They had a relationship and lust obsession with each other, which was when James was sent away originally. With that unresolved, it only grew for both in James’s absence. That obsession while apart is something to feel guilty and sinful about, and they projected that fault onto a psych bound between them. As James said, he used to believe they were the same person. When his sister kills her husband and says James told her to do it, James realizes he didn’t do that, and the illusion is broken for him and he sees the relationship for what it actually is. He is still in denial, though, so still tries to have sex with her. When they start having sex, the broken illusion becomes now apparent to him, and he can’t go through with it, knowing now this relationship and connection isn’t real, and actually ultimately unhealthy for both of them. This is all happening with a backdrop of James starting to develop feelings for Laurena Bow -while technically a new taboo (falling in love with your stepmother) is actually potentially a more healthy relationship.

My thoughts on James seemingly being invulnerable is that it is based on his belief (or fact) that he has foreseen his own death and is therefore unworried about other threats, or maybe his own belief (or fact) that he can’t be killed because he has already died and can’t be killed again until a certain time or event has happened – James says to Zilpha that they don’t have much time left.

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