Thrones Episode 5

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all you do with the podcast. Try and think of any fantasy book/movie/show that has dragons in it they are an all-powerful force. Daenerys used drogon to his fullest potential and whether I agree with it or not it was believable to me. Look back to season 6 episode 9 when Daenerys “Mad Queened” the slavers at slavers bay, we all thought that was badass and cool but really what was the difference between that and kings landing.

Daenerys has planted seeds all along with her ruthless nature and my way or the highway mentality she has always had. But people don’t want to believe it because they have loved her character throughout the series. Just curious what you guys think when you really take a step back and think about Dany during the series as a whole.

#Snow/Seaworth 2020 ??

Brian from Western NY

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