Tired of Hearing About The “Mad Queen”

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Hey guys,

Love the show. Can’t believe we only have one week left.

I’ve gotta day, I’m getting tired of hearing about the mad queen and all questions of her sanity. I think it’s garbage. She’s mad, as in pissed off, as she should be, her best friend was just killed in front of eyes, her biggest enemy is hiding behind the human shield she created in King’s landing by opening the doors to the people, trying to play on Dany’s love of the people. Dany didn’t just go crazy out of nowhere and burn the whole city to the ground. She’s been wanting to this for a long time, and when she first said it back in season 7 when we all would agree she wasn’t crazy.

Furthermore there is a great cinematic shot when the Lannister army threw down their arms and the camera pans out and see every single alleyway flooded with soldiers. You know as Dany is up on that perch she sees this too. So in that moment, she’s probably thinking, “look at these assholes all lined up, and hiding up there is Cersei…she’s lied to me time and time again”. You know Cersei can’t be trusted, and the Lannisters, we all know, need to die cause they’re all bad dudes with those ugly helms..so let em burn.

I think she needed to this the whole time and I loved it. I hate we are labeling her as “mad” cause she did what she said she would. As far as her not eating, people attribute it to be cause she’s going mad….if your best friend just got murdered in front of you, I think you’d be pretty down in the dumps too and loose your appetite. Not to mention knowing you’ve got a war to face soon. It’s a lot.

Last thing is Arya in the streets. You guys said she lost her training and kinda fell apart in the instacast. I disagree. I think the entire purpose was well achieved as Dave and Dan explained in the after the episode. They wanted to show how chaotic and destructive the attack on KL was from the ground and following one our beloved characters is the best way to connect to that emotion. It wasn’t easy to get out of there, she almost died. If she was magically running through the streets like a badass we’d all call bullshit.

Love the podcast I’m gonna miss gearing your assessments week to week.


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