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True Detectives

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Hey guys!

Ive lived in Arkansas my whole life and am so intrigued over this show. Have you looked at the Morgan Nick disappearance? There were lots of attempted kidnappings and missing kids during this time. The satanic fever was hot during this time here (remember the West Memphis 3?) Tyson Foods is obviously the Hoyt chicken factory, West Finger is obviously West Fork, Roland is the name of a town in Arkansas relating to Morgan Nick, also Spiro, OKLAHOMA (spiral?), there was a state trooper or cop missing and the remains were found in Iowa last year if I remember correctly, Purcell was an Attorney General of Arkansas around the time Bill Clinton was……I could go on and on about the eery similarities. Maybe Julie is Morgan Nick? My grandfather in law was an Arkansas state trooper in this area at this time. He died last year (no kids) and have convinced myself he knew about this and the crooked politicians and wealthy residents here. His wife is still alive, she’s 95 and mentally sharp. I need to ask her.

Amy Smith

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