True Detective Episode 3 Theories: “The Big Never”

True Detective Episode 3 Theories
True Detective Episode 3 Theories

True Detective Episode 3 Theories

“True Detective” sparked so many fantastic letters that Shat on TV had to spin out an extra edition this week for The Watch, a collection of the best listener emails and tweets from the week.

Listener Ashley illuminates the relationship between Wayne and Amelia. Tom from Chicago asks about questionable evidence handling. Jamie points to spirals as a clue. Dillon believes in King Bee’s “the kids did it” theory. Brian highlights the music, and Megan reminds us it always has to do with child sex cults.

Veteran shatter Kenny reminds us the show is about more than just solving a crime. And Gino teaches Big D how to say “documentary.”

Episode 3: Hays recalls his early romance with Amelia, as well as cracks in their relationship that surfaced after they married; ten years after the Purcell crimes, new evidence emerges, giving Hays a second chance to vindicate himself and the investigation.

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  1. john says:

    still can not download true detective 303 the watch.

  2. john says:

    Con not download true detective 3 the watch.

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