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True Detectives

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Hey Guys,

It was okay, but still left me with a lot of questions. Maybe these were answered and I totally missed it, but did Hoyt get away with everything? His only consequence was no heirs to inherit that mansion, so it fell into disrepair?

Why did Nicky P provide answers to the wrong questions? How did Cousin Dan end up in the quarry? What was the resolution to with the Hoyt/Hays conversation in the woods? Answer: Some stray mongrel comforted Roland after his self-destructive bar brawl, and that’s how he ended up out in the woods with all them dawgs! Dude, that wasn’t my question…

How did Amelia die? What happened in the Hays marriage between 90 and 2015? Answer: they got jobs at the University of Arkansas. Oh yeah, and the last scene of the season reminds us that they got married in 80! Dude, again, not answering the right questions.

Most importantly, is King B some kind of deadbeat? Did he ever PayPal that dollar to Gene on the Mexico baby bet? For those listening at home, his balance is at $901, and we’re forced to wonder if he’ll owe Gene over $1,000 by the end of 2019.

So many questions,

Rusty in Shelby County, Alabama.

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