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I discovered your True Detective podcast a few days after the first episode of season 3.

It’s fantastic! I couldn’t wait to listen to your thoughts and opinions a few days after each episode aired.

I felt the need to write in today after listening to L.J. O’Neil’s email that you read in the final podcast for season 3 where there is a list presented of the Good, Bad, or Worse. The items that he refutes (Couldn’t be Nevada Bell…Wayne couldn’t be in the LRRP….The GPS device not being invented in 1990.) just drove me crazy.

Talk about a self-important buffoon!

Do any of those items change the story? How did this person know these errors? Let me guess – research was done after the fact then this person wanted to show you how smart they are by penning an email to show that Pizzolatto was so freaking sloppy. Who has time to even do this? Does the show become greater if Pizzolatto correctly used Cintel instead of Nevada Bell? I honestly don’t care if you even read this – it’s just cathartic to type this out.

The moronic theories that people sent your way all season – these people weren’t just using tinfoil – they needed a rubber room – just watch the show and enjoy. Maybe its my age – I’m 52. These younger generations are ridiculous and I have two adult sons in their early 20’s – I know what I speak.

Looking forward to future podcast of the gang.

Steve Foglia

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