Tyrion Has Turned Traitor

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Hey guys,

Ryan from Dallas here. I have a couple of notes and a question/theory about the finale. (If this makes the show, feel free to selectively choose any, but #4 is the best). However, before we begin, I am glad to be redeemed for my non spoiler disclaimer last week. I’m almost happy it didn’t go down that exact path. Nothing is worse than unintentional spoilers for everyone (They didn’t even mention who sent the invitation to Sansa! I still contend it was Littlefinger). Alright, on to the good stuff.

Arya and Sansa

Despite the exhilaration and relief of the Littlefinger accusation reveal, something left a bad taste in my mouth. The show runners set up a conflict, and then jumped to the conclusion without showing the turn (or A-ha moment). It’s as if they cut a crucial scene and left everyone wondering when Arya and Sansa got on the same side. In an earlier scene in this episode, Littlefinger mentions that Jon can be unnamed as King of the North. Sansa gives a smirk, that on 2nd viewing, can be interpreted as she has discovered Littlefinger’s motives at this point and is baiting him. In their last scene together. Arya mentions to Sansa that she never would have survived what Sansa went through. So there was obviously a come to Jesus meeting in between the episodes for all of them to get caught up on everything. It would be like if Sam went to Jon and said “You’re a Targaryn” without us seeing him talk to Bran. I’m just a little sad we didn’t get to witness it. Throughout the show and it’s many surprise deaths, we have always been given the reasoning behind it. The timing or circumstances may have surprised us, but the set up scenes were always shown. Which leads to my next point.

Ungranted surprise and bloodlust

Leave it to Game of Thrones to not give us what we want. Over 6 seasons, this show has built a universe of surprise deaths. Deaths come when tension is built and when tension isn’t built. On the first viewing of this episode, I know I wasn’t the only one who watched with a clinched anus for 80something minutes. The tension was enormous. Would the Dragon Pit be a trap (especially when Bronn leads Pod away)? Would Cersei kill Tyrion or Jaime? The Jaime scene in particular was disheartening since Cersei appeared to give the order to execute him. Maybe the undead Mountain used his own restraint or moral code to not cut Jaime down in an instant? That doesn’t sound like the mindless head crusher this story has built. People may say that Jaime’s story isn’t done, and that’s what I find frustrating. This series has built a reputation for characters not finishing their own stories, but now that it’s in the final seasons, it has become every other fantasy tale. Main characters either can’t be killed or will be miraculously saved over and over until the final episode. This show has defied the fantasy genre for 6 seasons, and now it has defied our appreciation for that. This show has built a massive following upon the premise that it won’t give you a Hollywood ending. Perhaps it will after all. Apart from the massive Jaime death trolling, this leads me to who should have died this episode.

Theon should’ve bit the dust

Our dickless wonder got his moment in the sun this week. The heart to heart with Jon was truly the pep talk he needed. It would have been perfectly paired with the next scene wherein Theon gets beat to death by his own men sworn to his family. As he betrayed his Stark family, a suprising beatdown (or, better yet, a spear through the gut) from an unnamed member of his own men would have been a fitting and surprising end. He betrayed the Starks. He “betrayed” his sister twice (once when he refused to be escorted back on the rescue mission, and then he abandoned her on the ship). Now he finally finds the willpower to save her. What better story turn than to pay off all of that backstory with a swift and sudden betrayal by his own men? I can’t imagine where his story arc goes. Maybe he does find and rescue Yara with his 10 men. Then what? Will they 1up Euron and build 1000 ships and breed 1000 sailors during one episode?

Tyrion has turned traitor!

Everyone is wondering..What did that look Tyrion gives during the late night boat sexcapades mean? Was he jealous it wasn’t him with Dany? Or is he concerned that they will focus on each other and not be focused on the task at hand (a.k.a. it’s bad for the realm)? After a 2nd viewing, I was able to pick up on some points that lead me to think he has actually turned against them in some capacity.

The last lines of dialogue from Tyrion in this episode are during his conversation with Cersei early on. He explains that for as much as he hates Cersei, he loved her children (well, 2 of them at least). Then comes the big shocker to him: Cersei is preggers. That’s it; no more dialogue from him. Here are some other notes of dialogue during the episode.

Cersei to Jaime: “No one walks away from me”

Jorah, during the travel plan meeting, says “All it takes is one angry man with a crossbow…one well placed bolt will make him a hero. The man who killed the Conqueror” (Which character is famous for using a crossbow? Also notice that the camera intently one-shots on Tyrion during this line, and he gulps. You can then see him staring at Jorah before averting his eyes to the table.)

Although his strategic war street cred may have been slipping this season, surely Tyrion could see through Cersei’s hollow words of troop commitment. He knows her better than anyone, and yet after his “you’re pregnant” line and scene change, he and Cersei rejoin the Jon and Daenerys group, and all is well. It would truly betray the character of Tyrion if Cersei would so easily get one over on him.

Remember that Tyrion was sick to his stomach that Daenerys flambéed the Tarlys. (R.i.p. dickon) Perhaps he thinks after Daenerys conquers Westoros, she may give the same treatment to Cersei and Jaime, irregardless of child. And without any evidence to back it up, I’ll put forward that Jorah discovers Tyrion’s treachery, kills him, and becomes Dany’s hand of the queen as he always has rightfully been!

Take it easy guys. Look forward to whatever show is next!


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