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Greetings all,

I’ve recently started listening to your Westworld podcast, and I appreciate most of the time having a place to hear people talk about it. One thing that bothers me though is the way you talk about Dolores. I’ve noticed frequently that you’ll refer to Dolores as “playing the role” of Wyatt or the Farmer’s Daughter, and I know that some people are speculating that Dolores isn’t truly awake. I’ll start with that because I think it informs the first. We saw Dolores have a conscious recognition of self. There is no doubt in my mind that she is awake because of this. So when you talk about her “playing a role” or that these roles are just her programming, I think it does a disservice to her character. Every human individual has roles to play. We all choose who we want to be, and at times, we let out different aspects of our personalities depending on the situation. Dolores is doing the same. The Farmer’s Daughter and the role of Wyatt are part of Dolores. They are aspects of her personality. Sure, there are times when we see more of one than the other, but we as humans do this as well. Maeve has remembered her past role as a mother, but you don’t distinguish between Maeve playing The Madam or playing The Mother. She is simply Maeve, making decisions and drawing on parts of her personality based on the situation and her experiences. Dolores is no different. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, even if you disagree.


P.S. Bonus Question: Do ya’ll think Bernard is awake or not? I’m not so sure. I think if anyone is still playing out Robert’s narrative, it’s Bernard.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    To put it simply, Evan Rachel Wood either is a robotic actor, or part of her role is to never perfectly approximate her Westworld characters of Wyatt or Dolores. We saw her perform flawlessly in Season 1, so that would suggest there’s something buggy about her programming in Season 2.

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