Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Decoherence”

Westworld Episode 6 Theories: “Decoherence”

“Westworld” listener mail this week focuses on why William thinks he’s “the good guy,” whether host pearls are irreplaceable, how bad a mom Charlotte was, how to pronounce Serac (again), and the season’s biggest reveal: Big D is a robot.

This Telegraph, covering Episode 6 of Season 3, also features email about the book young William was reading, a cryptic conversation between the Man in Black and Robert Ford, and the possibility Westworld has jumped the shark.

Listener Ken L. writes in with legal jingles, a caller might be a serial killer, and Ashley informs us HBO has approved a Season 4.

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Westworld Episode 6 Summary:
Serac recovers Martin’s pearl and places it in the Warworld simulation, while Maeve is also returned to the simulation to question Martin about Dolores’ plans while a new body is made for her. Serac also orders two other hosts—Hector and one other—be made. Charlotte tries to prevent Serac from seizing control of Delos and resorts to poisoning the Delos board and stealing the host data from Delos’ servers. She destroys Hector’s pearl during her escape. Cherlotte tries to run with her son and ex-husband, but Serac has them killed with a car bomb; a disfigured Charlotte survives. Bernard and Ashley locate Serac’s facility in Mexico, where they find William. William has been subjected to an experimental alternative reality therapy where he confronts and kills previous versions of himself, coming to realize he is the “good guy”. Maeve’s pearl is placed in a new body and she watches as the third host emerges from the tank.

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