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Hey hosts,

This might be a little out there but I think it’s another way of thinking about something we’ve assumed as fact. The now flooded area that the man in Black refered to as his biggest mistake might not be the end result of a plan hatched by Dolores. A tinfoil hat thought might be that the A.I. we refer to as Arnold is in that underground bunker, and for whatever motivation Dolores sought it out. Isn’t it possible that all of these dead hosts are the result of a failed plan by Dolores and the anomalies we see with the Virgin head pine cones are a result of Arnold defending himself, as is the flood. Not sure about the motivations of either side but I could see this being another hbo pivot away from popular Theory. Just guessing here. Love the podcast.

Grant in Scottsdale

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    After Episode 6, it could even be Ford’s work!

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