What Does Charlores Even Want?

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Hey y’all,

I usually just put my thoughts out into the Twitter void, but this time I figured I’d actually put this where it should go.

On “what does charlores even want? Why is she bothering? Etc”

I’m doing a from the beginning rewatch right now, and after watching Fidelity I happened to watch the season 1 episode in which Ford is telling Old Bill about the greyhound he and his brother briefly had. They let the dog loose and it killed a cat. Ford looks very forlorn as he talks about how the dog got what it wanted and sat there, clueless as to what to do now that it had gotten what it wanted. In the context of Ford, it’s obviously indicative of him seeming to feel that he’d reached the pinnacle of human creation. But in the context of all 4 seasons of the show now, it also applies to where charlores currently is in her development.


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