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Hi guys!

Long time listener, first time emailer…

Ok, we’re all under the assumption that John and Daenerys will have some confrontation/revelation that John is actually ahead of Daenerys in succession to the iron throne… but… what if… Daenerys already knows? Evidence and facts that do not rule out:

– She wouldn’t have a problem becoming romantically involved up with John, because interfamily relationships aren’t taboo among Targaryens.

– She may want to keep the fact from him at first because she may know his social norms wouldn’t allow it.

– She was very quick to get John on a dragon… a very great risk for anyone, but especially the average north born person. The only people that can ride dragons naturally are Targaryen.

– Daenerys was a baby or not yet born for the events of Robert’s rebellion, but Viserion could have known or been told at an early age that his older brother Rhaegar did not kidnap Lyanna, that they were actually in love, and he could have passed the story to Daenerys. We know he was fond of telling stories of his family…

We all know John’s honor will not allow him to go one moment without telling Daenerys assuming he believes it’s true. So maybe John musters up his courage to confront Daenerys with this fact and she says, “Yes, I know, Your Grace.”

Something like that. Tin foil?

Anyway, we’ll know soon… thanks!

Rob R.

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