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I dont know if it is a theme, or just like, the inspiration behind characters, but I have been watching Hale through the lens that she is Hitler.
1. War against robots was 7 years ago (from what we see season 4) humans snuffed out robots and destroyed them, Hale went underground and starting building her army (WW1 ends, no one looks at germany, Hitler begins compiling his army)
2. Hale’s army consist of Gestapos: William; Clem; Vice President and 249 other replaced humans (theyre all copies of Hale, meaning they will carry out her plans or she will speak through them) and now she is creating her Nazi Soliders with the Fly-Controlled Humans (like the real low level nazi soliders, they dont really know why theyre doing what theyre doing, they dont even agree with what theyre doing; but they have to do it)
3. Host William opens the park in America to unsuspecting humans who have no idea whats about to come (Hitler opened the 1936 Olympics without anyone knowing what was to come)
4. Hale plans to clean the human race and make them second class (or lower) to Hosts
5. Hale is experimenting on people

And this isnt like “oh my theory is the best” because its not so much a theory as it is just interesting to think who is hale mimicking, what is Nolan saying about history repeating itself, rhyming with itself
Fuck I can’t stop.
6. Oppenheimer tested the nuclear bomb in Nevada, or rather in the area of land that we find the new park in. Once we created the nuclear weapon, we no longer could live in a world without it. Cant put it back in the box. Hale’s fly technology is uncontrollable, you cant just get rid of heards of flies, you wont be able to put that weapon back in the box, and shes testing it all in the same area we tested nuclear weapons.

I mean come on.

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