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Hey there guys, my name is Darren from new jersey. I started listening to you guys at the begin of season 8 of Game of Thrones and was immediately hooked to you guys. Never listened to podcasts before and was curious and found you guys. You guys really did a great job all season and wished i wouldve been there since day 1. I also listened to the American God podcast and again you guys were amazing. Me and my wife wanted a new show to watch and i heard you mention American Gods a few times in the cast and started watching it. We never read the books and was as confused as what the hell was going on until you explained the main point of old and new gods. You guys really do an amazing job. I wanted to know if either of you ever watched Boardwalk Empire on HBO because i would love tour take on the show. Me and my wife started watching it and are almost done and would like to know how you guys feel about the show. Wish you guys would do a cast on this show but i know since its old not many listeners might not be into it. Hope to hear from you guys

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