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Hey guys.

Firstly, big respect to you chaps. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your content thus far and am looking forward to the years to come.

I have also been enjoying taboo and have a couple of thoughts.

During the most recent episode when James was getting bizzy wid hiz sizzy, I think I noticed something odd. When he starts trippin’ out mid thrust/choke I took it as him seeing a, imho, a vivid similarity to Zilpha and his ‘mother’. She looks far more native American than he does and I wonder if he noticed their similarity too.

To take it a bit further I think that zilpha May be the daughter of Pappas Delaney’s native wife and not James. Perhaps this is why she tried to drown him. It may be a stretch but I can’t think why they would cast an actress who has the raven features of a native American if there will be no connection.

Another point is on the burying of Thorne. In the first episode they talk of the extra few inches deterring grave robbers. I feel he added some depth so there was less of a chance of the body being exhumed and the stab wound in his chest being discovered.

That’s all I have so far. Hope you guys enjoy the remaining episodes and I look forward to American gods in a few weeks.

Peace and fucking

Joe E.

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