Cat’s Eye (1985)

This year’s Shat The Movies Spooktacular brings you three movies in one: It’s the 1985 horror anthology “Cat’s Eye.” What do all the stories have in common? A cat, Drew Barrymore and a heavy dependence on Stephen King’s name recognition.

In this episode, Gene questions why anyone would own a cat. Big D makes the case for rabbits being the ultimate pets, and both hosts admit to using racist terms they didn’t know were racist.

The Shat Crew also debate the value of aversion therapy, speculate that Robert Hays has petite feet and consider whether all horror movies should at least be Rated R.

Was that tiny troll a puppet or a dude in a suit? Should you always believe kids? Does Scotland use miles or kilometers? We answer these questions and more while playing Stephen King Bingo. Happy Halloween!








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