Doctors explain Home Alone injuries


It’s hard to talk about “Home Alone” without talking about the Home Alone injuries a sadistic Kevin McAllister inflicted upon the Wet Bandits.

Now, we’re not saying we rooted for Harry and Marv. But, as we said on the podcast, Kevin could have protected his home without nearly killing two men by just telling Old Man Marley or a cop that he was in trouble.

And that, friends, turns Kevin from a sweet kid who’s trying to prove he’s responsible enough to survive on his own into a monster who’s using a simple burglary to play war games.

Among the most violent and devious booby traps Kevin builds in “Home Alone,” the paint-can swing can crush a man’s face and potentially kill him. The nail through the food could cause permanent nerve damage. And even the simple pellet gun to the dick could require extensive medical care.

But the real miracle isn’t that the Wet Bandits survived Kevin’s arsenal. It’s that they stuck around to take wave after wave of punishment — and that an old man with a shovel finally was the one to take Harry and Marv down.

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