Elf (2003)

What more do you want from Christmas than some warm fuzzies, friends returning from afar and the miracle of Shat The Movies covering another film from the new millennium? Maybe some Will Farrell.

“Elf” is the rare movie that old people like Dick Ebert and young people like Ash’s kids can equally enjoy. It’s timeless, hilarious, a bit optimistic and a clever nod to the Christmas classics that came before.

In this episode, the Shat Crew discusses Zooey Deschanel’s singing, the perils of an all-sugar diet, New York City peaking in 2005, what makes a good Christmas movie, whether we’re losing our holiday spirit, the “Elf” test ending that bombed, Central Park Rangers and the national treasures that are Bob Newhart and the late James Caan.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and thank you for listening.

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