Fletch Lives (1989)

Fletch Lives Quote: “Take your pants off.” – Ben Dover

Sequels can be hit or miss but return commissioner Adam decided to take the chance on the 1989 sequel to a classic Chevy Chase film, “Fletch Lives.” A critical failure but box office success, “Fletch Lives” revives the role of the costume-wearing reporter as he goes to Louisiana to claim a surprise inheritance.

The movie harkens back to a time of journalism past where reporters made actual money, had company cars, and endless supplies of disguises. From the cover art to jaw-dropping musical numbers, the Shat hosts were surprised by many of the movie’s turns including totally underappreciated actors, completely incorrect accents, and a seemingly angry leading man.

Big D, Gene, and Ash try their best to answer the many questions “Fletch Lives” leaves with its viewer. Was any woman in this film attracted to Chevy Chase? Does God want his followers to worship him by going to amusement parks? And was Fletch fooling anyone with those get-ups? Discover the answers to these questions and more as the Shat crew goes down South on this episode of “Shat the Movies.”

Plot Summary: “Fletch Lives” Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher (Chevy Chase) is one of the best investigative reporters in the country, and he’ll need all his skills when he becomes the main suspect in a murder case. After inheriting a Louisiana plantation from a distant relative, Fletch makes the journey from Los Angeles to check it out. When he winds up in bed with a lawyer — who in turn winds up dead the next morning — Fletch has to solve the crime before he ends up behind bars for someone else’s misdeed.

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