Gattaca (1997)

When listener Rob F. commissioned “Gattaca” in honor of his father, we all remembered it as beautiful, futuristic and distinct. Oddly enough, we couldn’t remember much else. 

We remembered Ethan Hawke but not his lengthy voiceovers. We remembered Jude Law but not the incinerator scene. We remembered Uma Thurman but not her character’s heart condition. 

This 1997 sci-fi debut for director Andrew Niccol made some interesting choices, like casting loads of TV talent and pretending Jude Law and Ethan Hawke look anything alike. And it also had some swagger, like pinstripe spacesuits and film-noir vibes. 

The Shat Crew was left to debate: Is “Gattaca” a case of style over substance, or is it a visionary film that went underappreciated for years?







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