Near Dark (1987)

Until we watched “Near Dark,” the Shat Crew was blissfully unaware that vampires’ true supernatural power wasn’t immortality: It was prudent decision-making and wise investments.

In her 1987 solo directorial debut, Kathryn Bigelow changed the way we viewed bloodsuckers by giving us a dusty, trashy and (much to Big D’s horror) irresponsible brood of vamps.

Gene uses this episode to complain about Easter eggs for the stupid. Ash argues that the protagonist is just a crappy Louis de Pointe du Lac. Big D cringes at all the wasted blood. And Bill Paxton just makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

The Shat Crew also covers Six Degrees of James Cameron, when less is more with practical effects, whether blood transfusion could cure vampirism and why you should shut your windows when vampires are creeping around your farm.








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