PCU (1994)

Is “PCU” hard to find because it crossed a line or because it’s just not a very good movie? Listener Jeff from Nebraska commissioned the Shat Crew to uncover the truth for his 40th birthday.

In a lot of ways, PCU is your typical ’90s college movie. The university president is trying to shut down a student house. There’s seventh-year senior showing the new guy the ropes. A kegger is the solution to life’s problems, and the good guys win.

But PCU is still very much its own film. There’s no clear protagonist. No group of students is decidedly popular. There might not even be an actual plot.

In this episode, Big D recalls his days as fraternity president. Ash explains college tours. Gene tells the Legend of Alpha Drive, and Jerry Seinfeld is wrong. The Shat Crew also tackles hazing, dirty talk in the dorms and whether George Clinton was the right choice as musical guest.

Nervous high school senior Tom Lawrence (Chris Young) visits Port Chester University, where he gets a taste of politically correct college life when he’s guided by fraternity wild man Droz (Jeremy Piven) and his housemates at The Pit. But Droz and his pals have rivals in nasty preppy Rand McPherson (David Spade) and the school’s steely president (Jessica Walter). With their house threatened with expulsion, Droz and company decide to throw a raging party where the various factions will collide.

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Where to watch PCU (1994)
Where to watch PCU (1994)

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