Perfect (1985)

We’ve all seen that scene from “Perfect” where John Travolta is humping his way through a Jamie Lee Curtis aerobics class, but there’s another two hours to this 1985 box-office bomb. And we had to watch all of it.

Longtime Shat The Movies beer buddy Scott in Friendswood, Texas, was kind enough to commission a film about Gene Lyons’ three favorite topics: journalism, fitness and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Not to be left out, Dick Ebert had lots to say about sex with elite athletes. And Ash got into a car accident.

What genre is “Perfect?” Do newsrooms run on self-loathing? How is 2024 gym etiquette different from 40 years earlier, and did we need so much footage of Jamie Lee Curtis driving? Find out for yourself in this week’s episode of Shat The Movies.







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